September 1st, 2004


The zombie returns

Last-minute Interview Panic has set in, including mental sorting-through of wardrobe and tossing just about everything, and Ohmigod-I-So-Need-A-Haircut-itis. Ben the Wonderful to the rescue, the guy must be psychic or something. Call him up, it's like he knows I'm coming.. "Usual time? Sure, no problem." Add it to the list of reasons why I like Ben.

I think I'm prepared. Anyone got any questions I can use that'll make me sound super intelligent and knowledgeable and humble at the same time?

And, despite my head feeling a little like it's full of marshmallow and my arms and legs being all wobbly like jelly, I climbed anyway. Apart from pulling something in my left arm that is now throbbing like a Mills & Boon character, it went surprisingly well. It was a case of "I'll kick my own backside for wimping out if I don't" (yes I am flexible enough to do that), so I did. And I'm glad. Balance is the key, and gentle exercise does no harm. I think I have my mental faculties back. Yay!!

Shaun of the Dead is one of the funniest movies I've seen. London slowly filling up with zombies and nobody notices..
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A tragedy of national proportions

Alas! Alack! Ben is moving to New York! Whatever is a girl to do? I'm starting to think it's me. Last time I found a good hairdresser, she moved to Auckland. Now, New York. Aargh!

At least, true to form, he left me with an image I'll never forget - himself in full Elvis wig and an over-the-shoulder thong. Yup, Ben is One Out Of The Box. I'll miss him.

So, who cuts good hair in Wellington, and isn't about to emigrate to Botswana?