August 30th, 2004



I managed to change my interview to Thursday morning. So, two exciting days coming up this week.

I like the idea of having an example of your work in hard copy to take to an interview. I would imagine this is pretty normal for people in IT, but for my type of work, it's hard to do (take a student in with me maybe?). So, this I see as a fantastic opportunity. Now all I have to do is impress them with my sparkling personality and ability to be incredibly pedantic (yes that's what it's about). I have everything crossed. I -really- want this job.

Nice that I get to go skiing too. ;-)

Saw one of my ex-students at a bus stop on the way to work this morning. She was wearing a business suit and looked all growed up. Amazing. And strange. Definitely time to move on.

Net surfin'

Ever been stuck trying to find a present? Here's a few suggestions:

The paranoia bed.

Kid's play ho costume. I kid you not.

His 'n' Hers make-your-own sex toy kits.

Ain't capitalism great? Ain't internet shopping wonderful?

And, while I was surfing: I don't know whether to laugh or cry. How to tell if your son's a hacker. By a concerned fundamentalist parent. Some of the links are pretty funny. Oh yes, and apparently Snowcrash and Neuromancer are hacking manuals. *snort*

Then read this. By the same guy. About fact-checking when posting to the net. *grin*

And, a really scary guy. thirstygirl should be quakin' in her shoes. Oh yes.
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