August 29th, 2004



Yesterday I met a man who was fascinated with my brand. An english guy, he is a prosthetic developer who makes fake scars and things for movies. He was having a really close-up nosey at my arm and asking all sorts of questions. Apparently he's never seen a fresh one before, and I found it highly unusual, because most people take one look and cringe away (it's not pretty in the healing stages).

Also, I attempted a new feat of strength. Rope climbing, hand over hand, no feet. I managed four 'steps' up the rope before my arms remembered I was a girl and I had to revert to circus method. OK, now I have a new challenge..

Go karting was oh-so fun. Much sibling rivalry and accidental bumping and thinking 'What would Michael Schumacher do?' grist is the King Of The Track, but the fastest lap times were only spread by 2 seconds, and I came a creditable middle-of-the-field, which, being the sole representative of the XX brigade, I'm pretty happy about. Excellent afternoon's entertainment.

And on a totally different subject, it occurs to me that if a person were to allow the parameters of their worldview to be defined solely by logic, they would be closing themselves off from from many possibilities of thought and experience. Why would one want to do that?

Oh yeah, and ever wanted to go quad-biking? Check this out.
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