August 28th, 2004


Movie night

Touching the Void is a very good movie. A true story, it's about two young English guys who go climbing in the Andes, summiting a never-before-done route. On the way down, it all turns to custard when one breaks a leg in a freak accident. The healthy one is forced to lower the broken one down the mountain on two 150-foot ropes tied together. A blizzard sets in, and Healthy Dude (Simon), unknowing, lowers Broken Dude (Joe), over a precipice. After an hour of trying to figure out how to get out of this situation, not knowing what's happening at the other end of the rope, in darkness, Simon is faced with 'That' decision.. cut the rope, let Joe die and save himself, or both die on the mountain. He cuts it, and walks off the mountain the next day. Only Joe doesn't die. He lives. And proceeds to find his own way down the mountain, broken leg and all.

It's a documentary, including commentary from both men. I was incredibly moved at the way they managed to portray such an awful situation and the emotions surrounding it with insight and humour, and I'll never forget the line "I didn't want to die to Boney M". Joe has always maintained that Simon did the right thing.

It's on at Penthouse. Go see it.

Also, all three of the good Star Wars movies in a row, with jaffas and popcorn and pistachio nuts. Excellent evening.

Now, go-karting!
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