August 27th, 2004


Well gosh.

I just got a letter telling me I have an interview for a job that's a $20,000 leap up the salary ladder from where I am now. W00T! It came with a wad of paper that is an exercise I have to complete before the interview.. all stuff that's exactly the same as the qualification I just finished. It's all rather exciting.

Only catch is, the date of the interview is set for a day when I'm supposed to be taking my students skiing. Aargh! What's the etiquette here? Do I change the interview date or the ski trip date?

In other news, more dreams of powerlessness and I awoke feeling very disturbed. Will they ever stop?

And and and, finally (after 8 months of waiting) I'm going to see Touching the Void. It's supposed to be excellent.

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