August 26th, 2004



I have realised that the stuff that was recommended to put on my brand is not actually soothing cream - it's designed to irritate and therefore create a more lasting scar. This is all kind of ookie and painful, and tonight I have given myself a night off and applied soothing ointment. Mmmm, soothing. And I covered it because I didn't want to freak out the ladies at bellydancing. Also, I'm looking forward to when it's healed and is a little more subtle. At the moment it has a metaphorical hot pink neon sign over it saying 'Look at Me'. So people do. And then I get asked lots of questions. Yes, it hurt. I did it for personal reasons. It's about balance. No I am not going into detail. Thank you. Move along.

Maybe it's the vicarious thing. Is that why there's always a crowd at piercing demonstrations and hangings? A little bit of that 'Ooh, it's so naughty!' The fascination of the ones who don't dare, for the ones who do?

And then, my boss, grabbing my arm and tut-tutting. I don't have to be a mind-reader to know what's going on in her head.. "Oh no, however will I marry her off now? She's disfigured!"

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