August 25th, 2004


The Noah's Ark in my head..

So the latest dream visitor was a wee rat, who kindly showed me the way through the labyrinth when nobody else would. Thanks, Rat. I have my suspicions who it is, but most people might be offended at being represented by a rat, so I will keep mum.

In other news, the winter of laziness (hah!) is telling less on my climbing than expected. Finally got outdoors, and as always was pleased to be reminded that real rock is way grippier than plastic. Also, instead of being mildly disappointed at how useless I am, I'm quite happy because I'm actually better than my prior performances have indicated. So yay me. ;-) And yay for the oncoming nice weather. Did anyone else notice that the light is different today?

And, I'm inordinately excited because I have an appointment to talk to Somebody Official about my degree today. I suspect a double one is going to be the answer, which may very well take me 20 years to finish while I work full time and have a life also. *sigh* Can't have it every way, and I've done my time as a Starving Student. I like financial freedom too much to go back. Ah well. Very exciting for me..
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I think we all know one or two of these.


\Soph"ist\, n. [F. sophiste, L. sophistes, fr. Gr. ?. See Sophism.] 1. One of a class of men who taught eloquence, philosophy, and politics in ancient Greece; especially, one of those who, by their fallacious but plausible reasoning, puzzled inquirers after truth, weakened the faith of the people, and drew upon themselves general hatred and contempt.

Many of the Sophists doubtless cared not for truth or morality, and merely professed to teach how to make the worse appear the better reason; but there seems no reason to hold that they were a special class, teaching special opinions; even Socrates and Plato were sometimes styled Sophists. --Liddell & Scott.

I'm guessing this is the root word for 'sophisticated'. Hmm.. doesn't actually cast sophistication in a very good light.

And interestingly.. Sophie, I don't find you to be a sophist at all. Discussions with you are affirming (to pinch your word) and fun. ;-) -Your- form of 'Sophism' isn't in, but it should be. *grin*

Er... okaaay..

The Iraqi soccer team is playing Italy for the bronze medal in Athens on Saturday.

"If they beat the Italians, the Iraqis will take home the first Olympic medals for Iraq in 40 years.

For the Bush administration, which had made the resumption of organized sports activities in Iraq a priority, the Iraqi soccer players' unexpected success was a propaganda windfall too tempting to pass up. President George W. Bush has been claiming credit for their success in his campaign speeches. The Bush campaign has even made a commercial showing the flags of Iraq and Afghanistan, with the commentator saying, 'At the Olympics, there are two more free nations -- and two fewer terrorist regimes.'"

From here.

*feels slightly ill*