August 23rd, 2004


Wallies, undies and crusties

OK, so the thing that creeped me out the most about today's marches was the sight of children aged 6-7, uniformed, marching, chanting and gesticulating like mini nazis. Made my stomach turn. How could those kids possibly understand the issues they're putting themselves behind? *shocked*

On a lighter note, just lately I've been noticing that Wellington is a Town Of Random Undies. They appear everywhere, in corners, gutters, hanging on fences. Mainly male ones, where on earth do they come from? And how do their owners manage to lose them without noticing? *intrigued*

And, four days after getting branded, I'm enjoying grossing out my students with my crusty peeling-ness. Polly was right, it's healing really fast. Most excellent. *rapt*
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