August 21st, 2004


Calling all academics and others wot know stuff

Hands up who got out in the garden today.. *waves arm madly* Now I feel accomplished and achey and just good. I like spring.

Right, so since I've been qualified for a whole day, it's time to start thinking about what to do next. Finishing my degree springs to mind. With that in mind, I had a quick squiz at a couple of University sites. Victoria and Massey, to be precise. And, I was a little overwhelmed at what I saw. Ghrlargle! There's a lot more on offer these days.

Anyway, I have no idea what to do. So I made a list of the things that caught my interest:

Collapse )

Roight. So, my existing skill set is based around education, specializing in interpersonal communication and motivation. I have papers in education, human development, psychology already. Usual organizational skills and passing on of information. And I know one -hell- of a lot about sheep and horses. And I'm getting better on the puter every day. ;-)

The burning question is, how do I put all that stuff of interest together with what I already have, to make a degree that a) makes sense and b) is marketable?

Anybody with any advice, I'd love to hear it. Oh, and I'd rather keep working full time too. Don't ask much, do I?

Heh. I managed to slip the word 'spring' into that post four times. Spring fever maybe? Make that five.

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