August 18th, 2004


I am having delusions of self-awareness again..

Well. Lovely weather. *whistles* Day off today because of all the public non-transport issues. Interesting trip to Petone last night (heater-less friend was turning blue and there was nary a heater to be found in Wellington), on the way back I'm sure I saw fish amongst the spray blowing across the road and up the hill..

Ye Olde House in Ngaio Gorge has withstood this stuff for nearly 100 years, and although there's debris everywhere outside, inside we are cosy-snug with our thermal drapes and pink batts and $5 gaffer tape roof repairs keeping things warm and dry.

And, no trees fell on my car, in fact it got a free wash. And I am getting branded tonight.. *bounces*

Edit: The shop was closed. Investigation revealed that our intrepid branding dude was trapped in the burbs by this wonderful weather. So, I had tea and timtams and Most Excellent conversation instead.
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