August 17th, 2004


Labour saving?

So yesterday I read an article about how technology is gradually being developed to do more and more skilled jobs, and a potential future where people don't have to work. (OK so everybody else read it in 1993 and I'm behind the times)..

Anyway, it raised a couple of questions for me. First, what on earth would people do with all that free time? And second, how would they pay for it?

So I did some very simplified maths, about the stuff I have, and how many hours I work to pay for it a month, and average lifespan of the various items. I discovered that out of the 150 hours a month that I work, I spend 60 working for necessities, 20.5 working for luxuries, and 15.5 working for my labour-saving devices. Ironically, 9 of those 15.5 hours are spent working to pay for my transportation to get to work.

Anyway, that left 44 hours a month that I spend working, and I assume that money is spent on my leisure-time activities. Now, if I wasn't working those hours, I'd have more leisure time and less money to spend on them. So my conclusion is that either my choice of leisure activities would have to change, or the whole economic system would.

I vote for the economic system. Any suggestions?
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