August 15th, 2004


Looking over my shoulder

Well, either Tinui has changed or I have. I think it's me. Not sure I could live there anymore, although it's still beautiful. Castlepoint has got bigger, there are more boats. And it's also still beautiful.

The climb up Castle Rock, however, is still the same. The path hid from us and the first part of the walk was John Cleese style through knee-deep grass. We were intrepid, and eventually were on the top looking over at the Land That Time Forgot. Interesting vibes on Castle Rock, some welcoming, some not. Anyone know if there are any Maori legends surrounding this place? I certainly saw something I'll never forget.

Back in Masterton I realised I was going to miss Hellboy (sadly but worth it), so decided to check out Mac's Fish Shop instead:

Cost: $4.30
Fish: Nice, very fresh, tender, a little too much batter.
Chips: Pretty standard but edible.
Comment: Too much salt. The girl who took our order seemed to have a little trouble with the concept of 'one fish and one chips, twice'. Is that one fish and two scoops, or two fish and two chips in together.. or... Aargh! *tears hair* Five minutes of explaining later...
Rating: 6 1/2 out of 10
Cooked in: Oil

Oh yeah, and the drive over the Rimutakas and out to Castlepoint is a cool one, for anyone who enjoys driving.

Back in Wellington, movies movies movies. Honey, which I'm glad I didn't pay to see at the theatre. Plot synopsis: Dark Angel shakes her booty and helps some kids. Swimming With Sharks was better, but a little disjointed (something to do with me falling slightly asleep maybe?). Would like to see that one again when awake.

Lolling in bed on a rainy Sunday is just what the doctor ordered. I feel happy and relaxed. Glad I went. It's plainly obvious how much I've moved forward, when looking back into my past.

And, I was right about Castle Rock. Nice to know, if a little scary.
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