August 14th, 2004


I liked the cats on the mirrors

Bad Luck Ball was fun. Interesting stage shows, with 'surreal moment' of the evening being a tossup between a transvestite in metal bikini dancing on stage while using his displaced wig as a 'horse-tail', and a bunch of costumed goth/punk/you name it people rock n rolling to Chuck Berry singing Johnny B Goode. Folks enjoyed themselves. I ran into lots of cool people. Good night.

Big day tomorrow, going to visit some old haunts with a new perspective, and I get to drive my car on one cool road. I'm very looking forward to it. Bed now.

Thought for the day: Can an out-of-body experience be vicarious?
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It's official..

The mighty slumbering oak has leaves! They're only little, but they are there. There's no denying the evidence..

I knew if I kept insisting it was spring for long enough I'd be right..

Also, large meals of Aro fish and chips are more conducive to evenings spent lolling in front of roaring fires than to going out partying, I think. So to anybody to whom I may have appeared a little unsociable last night, it was not so. I was digesting. It seems this takes up a large portion of my brain, and renders me somewhat speechless. Heh. Me? Multitask? You must be thinking of somebody else...

And, words of wisdom from the Bush. *snort*
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