August 12th, 2004


Why am I thinking of the Beagle Boys?

Today, the first license to clone human cells was granted in Britain.

So it starts. No doubt there'll be debate about the ethics. I'm curious about who grants the licenses and where they got their license to grant such licenses.

In other news, the National Front guy who's been charged with attacking 8 Somali teenagers with nine of his mates, was remanded today after entering no plea, to be tried in October. He's on bail, and the conditions are he's to stay out of Wellington.

Just thought people would like to know.

Somebody buy me one of those earthing strips

So I'm having another Electro-week. Tonight at belly dancing I made the video jump and the cd skip. *giggle* How did I know it was me? As long as I wasn't within 4 metres of it, it was fine. Tats gets close - zap-o-rama. Tee hee!

Anyway, my hips are getting swivellier by the day. I want one of those jingly belt things so I get sound effects when shaking the booty. Dunno where you go to buy one. Alternatively, I suppose I could rob all my friends of their 5 cent pieces and borrow a drill..

Hmm. DIY is alive and well in my house...
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