August 10th, 2004



One of the big things that separates and defines cultures in this world is sense of humour. Your sense of humour is in a large part dictated by the society you grew up in (as evidenced by the difference between what Japanese, British and Americans find funny). Personally I find British humour funniest.

Anyway, anthropologists have found that there is one thing that every culture, from deepest darkest Africa to the Eskimos, the Ockers and the Oompaloompas, finds amusing. The humble fart. That's right folks, farting is universally funny.

So, following from this, it shouldn't matter where you let rip, you should be entertaining somebody. Also, little known fact from "Who Cut the Cheese?" by Jim Dawson:

Men fart four times as much as women.

*refrains from making obvious hot air comment*

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