August 8th, 2004


Get outta town..

I'd forgotten how much fun going on a road trip with Captain Chemical could be. It was one of those 'Gotta get out of the city' weekends, and by the time we hit the turnoff at Bulls, the volume had crept up to 'don't bother trying to talk' and we were into the second cd of hard trance.. my kind of bliss.

We laughed at the boyracer meeting in Taihape (2 cars) and hoped the weather would improve as we took to our beds (yes, beds. We didn't have to sleep in the car after all). Next morning, still raining... up the mountain anyway, apply chains to car and clunk our way up there at 30kph. Guy at the bottom of the hill - "You sure those things are safe?" Us - "Yeah mate!" NO ice at all. Dunno why they made us use them, I wore $10 off my chains for no reason.

Upper mountain was open with visibility of 'where did my hands go again?', so the first run down was kind of funny, in a 'golly I didn't see that huge drop-off coming' kind of way, with much falling over and wibbling and waving of arms as you do when skiing pretty much blindfolded. Kris scored the most points for a one-and-a-half somerault and faceplant, executed with style. By the third run we had memorised where the worst bumps were and where to expect the most carnage to be, and I started to remember why I love blading so much. By the end of the day I was thoroughly saturated (someone please buy me a waterproof jacket that's actually waterproof), my thighs were jelly, and I couldn't feel my fingers, so back to the backpackers for one of their famous long, long showers, and Ohakune for a coffee. Note: If anyone knows where to get good coffee in Ohakune, I'd love to know.

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Also, fish and chips: Dew Drop Inn, Ohakune
Cost: $3.80
Fish: Well cooked, small serve, not too much batter.
Chips: Bad. Greasy and undercooked.
Comment: Surly service but quick, OK for the price, but the chips were almost inedible. Also, I docked a point for the daggy name.
Rating: 5/10
Cooked in: Cottonseed Oil, a fact proclaimed by a large sign in the shop.

Evening's entertainment.. chatting with two chaps from England and watching Kris play Circle of Death with some guys from Taumarunui and kick their sorry butts.

This morning, more crap weather and one heinous hangover added up to an early trip home, and lo! we get back to a beautiful Wellington day. Awesome.

I needed a weekend away. I feel much less angsty now. And, I have more than one reason to be happy today.
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