July 26th, 2004


Jabba the Hut takes up shearing

"Taking to a sheep with clippers proved too much for Maori Affairs Minister Parekura Horomia. Mr Horomia suffered an asthma attack during the celebrity shearing competition after completing only one of his two sheep."

Considering that to shear a sheep you have to a) bend over in toe-touching position for at least 2 minutes, and b) hold a live animal between your thighs while leaning over without smothering it, it amazes me that he even did one. It amazes me that anyone asked him to. It amazes me that he accepted.

I found that little gem while checking out rumours of David Fagan being in this year's Fight for Life.

For anyone who doesn't know, David Fagan is 15 times New Zealand shearing champion, and is the current world champion, having won it five times. The guy is a machine. TAB tip: put money on him in this fight.

And, does anyone know how to cure random cramp in the feet? I get it all the time but it seems to happen more in winter.
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