July 25th, 2004


Gratuitous link day

Interesting article about racism in comedy.. "There was a Swiss guy, a Dane and an Austrian..."

Maths for the l33t.

Not sure how real this is: a martial arts dude whose finger strength makes doorframe pullups look woosy. ;-)

Those crazy Americans.. join the Army, get free boobs...

..and, in case you care: Vote predictor for the US elections.

In other news, I won the auction for the feather duvet (thanks grist for your help with cunning auction-winning tactics), so I will be snuggling luxuriously within a couple of weeks. Of course, it's only gonna get harder to get out of bed.. ;-)

And I enjoyed Shipping News, even if it was a little Walt Disney predictable. Kevin Spacey rocks.

Oh, and on that note.. ferlengheti: Kevin Spacey, John Cusack, Gary Sinise.

Edit: Also, I'm looking for musical recommendations. What albums are rocking your boat at the moment?
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