July 22nd, 2004


This week I am eccentric

According to the Theory Of Madness Vs Eccentricity (ie that if you are poor you are mad, if you have money you are eccentric), this week I'm eccentric. Hard on the heels of yesterday's little (OK big) windfall, there is more liquidity goodness coming my way in the form of the Hutt-Mana Energy Trust payout finally happening after three years of waiting. *happy little money dance*

The sensible thing to spend it on would be bills etc. But, well, sensibility be damned! I wanna splurge and be all girly n stuff.

Anybody know any good websites or shops that have girly things I can look at?

Also, I need to make a list of wardrobe essentials for the op-shop expedition with Kim. I got as far as LBD and realised that I'm fashionally-challenged. Help! What does every girl absolutely -have- to have? Clothes-wise, I mean. ;-)

Saw Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind last night. I was pleasantly surprised by how good Jim Carrey is in a role where he's not acting like a moron. Cool. This weekend I think King Arthur may be the go. mmm, medieval men waving broadswords... any takers?
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