July 19th, 2004


I knew it!!

It's about time coaches everywhere realised this:

'"Women compete better after orgasm, especially high-jumpers and runners," one of the doctors claimed. The German team physician endorses sex for male and female athletes, saying: "Sex does not cause any loss of strength."

"He may be right. This year, a Russian psychologist told a German newspaper that neither gender should abstain. "It’s simple," she said. "More sex means more gold."'

From an article about a side of the Olympics I hadn't even thought about. Apparently the Aussies drink the most beer and the Cubans use the most condoms.

And, Baywatch goes gothic: Florida beach babes have found an alternative to bikini waxing for satisfying their masochistic tendencies - hanging.

In other news, spring is here! Yes it is. I brushed First yesterday. I got enough hair off her to make a whole new dog. It's a sign, I tell you.. a SIGN!!
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