July 10th, 2004



We all know one (cute, fuzzy little critters that they are). I even admit to being one on occasion. You know the ones.. deliberately putting incendiary comments in journals, forums and channels to 'get a bite'. The net wouldn't be the same without them.

I got to wondering, where did the label 'troll' originate from? I mean, we all know about the ones that live under bridges awaiting trip-trapping billygoats gruff, so they can leap out and eat them. But, well, that doesn't quite fit. In fact, most of the trolls I know live in apartments.

The other kind of trolling I know about is when you're fishing in a boat and you go along towing lures, trying to tempt the fish to come up and bite on them so you can catch them and eat them. This seems more likely. Anybody want to enlighten me?

Oh, and in other news, just so I could be like beagl and segrada, I bought a car. It's green and whizzy and about 10 years and 120000km newer than my old one. So it's got a name. Jack the Dancer. Long story. It's got one of those things that you push the button and it goes "bwip bwap" and unlocks itself. I am still at the stage where I giggle every time, and drive down the street looking at other people's cars and going "My car's better than your one".. Who? Me? Childish?

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