July 6th, 2004


Long night

Plagued by wolf dreams in sheeps clothing, full of people with nasty hidden agendas and painful accidents to my loved ones.. Woke up this morning to the phone ringing, some woman with a thick Indian accent calling me 'Mrs' (grr!) and expecting me to function as if I'd been up for hours.

Now I am Grumpy.

Jokes and silliness will be greatly appreciated today...

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Spidey rocks!

So the day gradually improved. A walk in the sun with Tommy, shiny shoes, a climb, Spiderman 2, good company and Aro fish n chips all helped. Spidey so rocks, I enjoyed it more than the first one, mainly because it had more swinging in it. He's my hero!

Parking in the city is a rip-off, and I hear they are thinking of increasing the rate again.

Tonight I will be wearing the obsidian necklace to bed.
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