July 1st, 2004


Barking up the wrong tree here..

OK so my boss is trying to marry me off. Seriously. Compulsory work function tonight (10yr anniversary, which admittedly is pretty impressive for a govt funded training organization). Prior to the start of the event, I am discreetly taken aside and made aware of the available men that will be there. Mmhm. Aha. OK. Then:

"Or maybe you know someone you would like to bring?" *batted eyelashes with innocent look*

Grr! Like, even if there was anybody who I would inflict a 2-hour function with wall-to-wall speeches on, the whole idea of taking a "date" within 100m of my boss just makes me cringe. She asks me when I'm going to settle down about monthly and drops comments like "We haven't had a wedding round here for ages" followed by pointed looks at me. *sidles out of the room* I am not about to introduce anyone I like, to her. It would be potentially heinously embarrassing and I've told her so. She looks at me all innocently and says "But I wouldn't do -that-.." *sigh*

Actually there was some really cool Samoan dancing that made it worth it. It's very feminine and demure and just, well, really nice to watch. So worth going, after all. And I got some hugs. That was cool. And spent the day looking through old photos, which is always an enjoyable thing to do.

So. Better than expected. Cool, man.
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