June 30th, 2004


Well, tie my legs in a bowknot!

Normally I avoid trying to show off, because karma likes to play with me and I usually end up red-faced in an undignified heap trying to disappear through the floor while people point, laugh and take pictures.

However, last night there was some kind of People Tatjna Knows reunion at the wall, and, well, I just couldn't help myself. And I pulled it off! Amazing, especially since prior to them arriving I was climbing like a double-amputated wet noodle.

Me not making a dick of myself in public is such a rare occurrence that it's worthy of an lj post.

Not planning on pushing my luck though. ;-)
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    Some hiphop thing the jd's put on

A couple of questions..

First, now that Saddam has been given back to the Iraqis, what do you:

A) Think should happen to him?

B) Think -will- happen to him?

And, if anyone can think of a good way to get teenage boys to understand that someone hitting you first doesn't necessarily mean you have to hit them back, I'd love to know. Their theory is that if you don't hit back, people will think you're a wimp and everyone will pick on you. How can I refute this without sounding like a grown-up who has no idea what life is really like?

Or, maybe I should just force them to watch this until they start screaming for their mummies to come save them...

And, I bought jeans. They make my ass look good, and cost (gasp) $20. Woot! ;-)
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