June 29th, 2004


But I feel like I need something else...

Finally, after all these years, I can consistently make myself a snug little pocket of warm air under the duvet while sleeping. Of course, on days like today, it just makes it harder to leave my bed. I want a feather bed and central heating.

I'm getting sick of waiting for my corset to arrive. I know it'll get here in the next couple of weeks, but I want it NOW, DAMNIT!

Only three days to go and I'm on holiday. Snow is in the plan. Preferably lots of it, followed by jacuzzi.

I'm bracing myself for Thursday, when I know I'll run into the ex and be forced to be polite instead of my usual avoidance technique. Ahh, protective barriers, don't fail me now..

And I continue to be prodded. Aargh! I've enlisted help and I will decide in my own sweet time, thank you very much. Wasting time prodding here, move along, move along...

Winter makes me restless.
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    Kraftwerk - Radioactivity