June 27th, 2004



This has been an extraordinary couple of days, on so many levels. First there was revelation, inspiration and validation. Then, there was conversation, stimulation, polarization and the expanding of horizons. And there was entertainment, adventure, exercise, and a pleasant afternoon walk in the rain.

I think I learned some things this weekend. Definitely went outside the comfort zone on more than one occasion. And I had fun. So cool. Thank you to all the people who contributed in various ways.

Surreal Moment Of The Weekend: actually reading one of those "Terms and Conditions" things (the one for the Cadbury "Win your Own Piece of New Zealand" promotion). *boggles at what's in there*

Something I didn't know we had in Wellington:

Also did well in the 'surreal' stakes. Er, operating instructions?

Oh, and fish n chips. Plimmerton Fish Supply. Thanks, happyinmotion.

Cost: $4.50
Fish: Nice without being spectacular. You get to watch them dip your fish which is kind of cool.
Chips: A bit dry, otherwise good. Plenty of them.
Cooked in: Oil
Comment: Good. Clean, fast. A bit expensive.
Rating: 7.5/10

Now for bed and book... mmm....
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