June 23rd, 2004


I can smell the lawsuits...

Further to grist's post yesterday about the first commercial space flight, here is an extract form Harper's Magazine of May this year. This stuff may have seemed like a joke when it first happened, but can't you just imagine the lawsuits that are being cooked up?

"From letters written to President Bush by residents of the Sauerland region of Germany in response to his January 14 announcement of United States plans to build a deep-space launch pad on the moon. The letter writers are among more than 1,200 Germans who purchased moon lots from US entrepreneur Dennis Hope, who claims legal ownership of the moon under a loophole in the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty. No national governments have yet recognized Hope's claim to the real estate, and it is possible that rival companies have sold overlapping lots to different customers. Hope's company offers one-acre lots for $19.99.

Here's one:

Dear Mr President George W Bush,
In our local paper of February 1, 2004, I read an article about the plans of the US government to build a space station on the moon. For me this is more than just an ordinary piece of news, because I am the owner of a part of the moon surface. Nearly four years ago I bought an area of 700,000 square metres on the moon. To prove this I include the document of ownership. Reading about your plans I do worry that the future space station might be built on my lot. So I would like to inform you that I might allow the US government to do so, but only if I am paid for that area. If this should happen, I would be ready to enter into negotiations with the US officials."

Hehe *rubs hands together with glee*

Get your moon sections here! Location Location Location!!!
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I recognise the walls inside
I recognise them all
I've paced between them
chasing demons down
until they fall

In fitful sleep
enough to keep their strength
enough to crawl

into my head
with tangled threads
they riddle me to solve

again.. and again... and again...

from I May Know The Word by Natalie Merchant
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