June 21st, 2004



Yay! Solstice! This means lots of different things to lots of different people. Midwinter's Day, those born on this day in some cultures are believed to have special powers. Shortest Day, some folks like to go jump in the sea to test their fortitude. I've even heard it called Back-Breaking Day, although I think the back is broken in August here. Winter really has only just begun.

To me, it means Tommy's birthday, cause for celebration in itself.. it means every day will be just a bit longer from here onwards - soon enough I won't be getting up in the dark anymore. Definitely cause for celebration. Also, it means that very soon I will be zooming down mountains with silly planks strapped to my feet. Ski season starts next week. Celebration!

And to that end, our garage sale at work ended up raising $250 so my students get to go too. And so they are also celebrating.

And I got to watch my car clock over 200,000km today, driving down Aotea Quay in a town that I finally call home. Double celebration!

I like solstice. ;-)
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