June 20th, 2004


More insanity

I watched Triple X last night for the first time. It was so action-packed and unpredicatable that I fell asleep. Not even the admittedly slightly delectable VinDieselArms were enough to keep me awake. And that base-jump off that low bridge? Please! When I fell asleep, X was outrunning an avalanche on his snowboard. Now, suspension of disbelief is one thing, but stupidity is something altogether different.

From notabouthim the other day came this information:

Average speed of downhill skier: 30-40m/s
Average speed of avalanche: 48m/s

And, skis are faster than snowboards. So, maybe I didn't miss anything by falling asleep, since X would've died trying this stunt and ended the movie. And, my dream movies were so much more interesting.

And Nicholas Cage's voice is sexier. Yes it is.

Now, here's a real base jump. Kids, do not try this at home. Tats will not try this, ever. Climbing up stuff, no problem. Sliding down stuff, no problem. Jumping off stuff - no way.

Now that I can eat again, I have some catching up to do, and I feel a fish and chip mission coming on. I have been to all the ones on my 'recommended' list (except the ones in places like Napier. There is no snow or rock in Napier - why would I go there?). So far, the top two are Aro (mmmm, Aro) and Miramar Fish Supply.

Anybody care to recommend somewhere?
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Because I know everyone's dying to know..

Brooklyn Fish

Cost: $4.10
Fish: Nice. Thin crispy batter. A little dry
Chips: Kinda soggy, but nice flavour
Comment: Fast friendly service, the shop is very clean, and a decent size serving
Cooked in: Fat
Rating: 7/10*

NEWS FLASH! All the Fish n Chip reviews are now together! On my website-thingy! Go see! I am slowly learning this web stuff. While that happens, feel free to point, laugh and offer suggestions.

Also, muchly in need of gallery software. Anyone know where/how?

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