June 16th, 2004


Tats loses her cool - call the papers!

So I yelled at the guy who wouldn't let me park in the almost-empty Starmart carpark while I ran across to the airport for 10 minutes. I know he was in the right but it was still no skin off his nose to help me out, and the fact that he didn't give a shit was enough for me to get angrier than it really deserved. So yeah. I was rude. Sorry, Starmart-guy.

And then, a friend said something hurtful, and I reacted oh-so-maturely by snapping, snarling and then crying. Oh yes. I am so proud of that. Not. And now I feel bad because I made them feel bad, when they were really -not- trying to be hurtful. So, sorry, friend. In fact, I think I'll just start today by apologizing to everybody I meet, save the trouble later.

Fuck, I'm supposed to be the Good-Vibe Girl.. just don't have any spare ones today. Come back tomorrow.
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