June 14th, 2004


When is it time to change jobs?

Is it:

When you've been doing it a year longer than the average burnout rate?

When just about everybody you know gets paid way more for the same amount of responsibility?

When you know exactly how much money the boss can afford to pay you and remain in business, and that amount is already maxed out (ie no payrises in the forseeable future)?

When you wake up in the morning and your stomach sinks at the prospect of how much teenage bullshit you'll have to deal with today?

When the reward of making positive changes in other people's lives is outweighed by the amount of your headspace it takes up outside working hours?

Or when the crap that gets dealt to your clients actually starts to affect you personally?

*sigh* Normally I love my job, but I sense a slow erosion of the things that make it so, and a nostalgia for the open spaces and the simplicity of shepherding. *sigh* I know I can't go back, must go forward.

But where to?

Edit: Apologies for the negative content of this post. Anyone want to tell me a joke to brighten the day?

That's Right..

So this afternoon I'm watching this DVD with my students, it's about breakdancing battles - a bit like rapping battles but more interesting to watch. And this guy does a handstand, on one hand, freezes for a couple of seconds, and - get this - starts BOUNCING UP AND DOWN on one arm, in balance!

My jaw hit the floor. I wanna be able to do that!

*gives serious consideration to taking circus classes with Kim*

Anyway, I hunted for ages for a video of it with no luck, so I thought since beagl and caycos are on the extreme sports buzz today, I'd follow suit and post something else I wouldn't mind trying.

Anyone here got a big kite, a rope and a surf/snowboard?

(and yes, watching movies is definitely on the pros side of my job)

Also, I got to go shopping for Tommy's 9th birthday today (which, incidentally, is also on a festival day, this time Solstice). I consulted with a 12-year-old, which I thought was pretty clever. I got a build-your-own lego helicopter, a book called The Adventures Of Captain Underpants, and an interesting little number/cartoons/jokes one called The Key to the Universe. Now I wanna play with them!

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