June 12th, 2004


The strangeness continues

I continue to get weird visitations at night. The third one this week was a visit from my Dad. This is the first time it's been someone who's not alive. It was very cool though, and reassuring. Like the walrus, we spoke of many things. I think he wants to be a ghost. He could have so much fun being invisible..

Why does this stuff not scare me?

Tomorrow, Kim and I and a couple of other brave souls will be participating in the Random Idiocy of the midwinter swim at Freyberg. Feel free to join in, or even to come down for a spectacle and some good hearty pointing and laughing. We take the plunge at 12.30pm.

And then wokboarding. And then Harry Potter. Life is good.

And, today, after much lolling in bed, and some speed-bouldering, another fish and chip shop:

Miramar Fish Supply

Price: $3.80
Fish: Excellent! I think it was terakihi, definitely not shark or hoki.
Chips: Very good. Shoestrings, but cooked to perfection according to the Expert Panel of One.
Comment: Really good. This place is worth the hike out of town, or any time you're over that side.
Cooked in: Fat
Rating: 9/10 Lost 1 point for a little heavy on the batter and because I'm not that keen on shoestrings.

And, why do most cafes in town close their kitchens by 4pm? This is silly. (Except Fidel's. They rock. At Fidel's you can get pancakes at 4.30) How much lazy-bum business do they lose by closing early?
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