June 10th, 2004


Haircut Day

Yup, today was the day I view with trepidation every 8 weeks (or longer if I can get away with it). Haircut Day. Why? Because my hair naturally falls into the Mad Scientist category and it seems to be the only kind they don't teach you about in hairdresser school.

My solution? Find a hairdresser who never went to hairdresser school. Ben is -so- not your average hairdresser. He has tats, piercings, swears, runs out of the salon randomly to yell at people in the street, and drinks beer while cutting (well, he -used- to, now he's not allowed, except today, because it was his birthday). Oh, and he gives the best scalp massages ever. It's like, well, an -experience- instead of just a haircut. And, he seems to have some kind of understanding with my hair. Of course, I'm still looking in the mirror thinking 'If I wet it maybe it'll look ok' but I'll get over that in a day or two and love it. Anyway, I think we should start a petition for Ben to be allowed to drink again. He never used to stab himself with the scissors, but take away his beer and what happens? You guessed it...

And, the Chinese supermarket in Hopper St rocks! In there, I found a large steel wok (20" diameter).

So, for those of you who missed the wok boarding post, here it is again to remind you of other uses for cooking utensils.

Anyone with a butt with a diameter of less than 20" and a sense of adventure is welcome to give my new wok a go. Aro Park has been suggested as a venue, along with Brooklyn Park and the Stadium for the very brave. I'd say it'll be coming up the mountain with us this winter too.

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