June 1st, 2004



I should be a diplomat.

Anyone who actually knows me is probably choking on their beer right about now, my lack of tact and diplomacy is legendary. But that's my -personal- life. When it comes to stuff that doesn't affect me personally, I suddenly become this articulate mediator who can make people see each other's point of view, debate objectively and resolve impasses. Hmm, what's with that?

I think you have to study to be a diplomat, and like wear bulletproof vests and stuff. Perks'd be ok though. Anyone know how much it pays?

And, a scary spider that I'm glad doesn't live within 2000km of me:

Collapse )

Also, since winter is upon us, I thought I'd include a snowmobile safety video - not!!

PS John Campbell gets right up my left nostril. He waves his finger in people's faces when he's interviewing them and puts on this fake 'serious and empathetic' voice when delivering news about tragedies and is generally just a fvcking tosser. He should be removed.
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What do you do when someone you care about is suffering and you know that no matter what you say or do you can't make it ok for them? Or even help, or fucking anything?

Me, I eat tons of ice cream and bawl my eyes out on their behalf.

It doesn't help.