May 31st, 2004


Random Monday Observations

Eating an apple makes you feel hungrier than before.

Apparently I rock at my job, not only anecdotally but statistically as well *beam*. My opinion is being sought by Research People because I'm on some List of Exceptional Outcomes. I feel so special!

Alcohol gives me zits like chocolate never could. Maybe this is because I don't normally drink. It doesn't, however, leave me with the after-effects described by other people I know. Unless it's whiskey, but that's a whole other story. Or, maybe the zits are my body's unique way of expelling the poison. Icky, but effective!

I got told I was sexy today. It was oh so very inappropriate and I had to ignore it but internally I was leaping about going 'Yay! I'm sexy!' Even with small volcanoes erupting out of my nose!

And once again with the horse dream, only this time it was leaping into a deep raging river with me on its back. Amazingly I wasn't scared. Hmm, apparently horses are to do with sexuality. So are rivers. Is someone trying to tell me something? Fiery chargers and raging torrents make interesting imagery in the context of sex, anyway. I like that idea...

Edit: Mission to Mars really is a crap movie. Its one redeeming feature is Gary Sinise. He is hot.
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