May 30th, 2004



Beer and nos are an interesting combination. Wow, six (yes, that's right, six) beers. That's like, my next three months' quota in one night. And, to all those people, yes, drunken posting -is- fun, if hard work (backspace key, you are my friend)..

Cool night, another room full of interesting people - I got to put more names to faces including Sean and Sophie (hi!). Cool!

Tomorrow (today) I will speak in a whisper (no that was not me singing, or shouting out the window at those people).

And, in the 3am crowds, it's nice to be able to walk behind the big guy in the black leather trenchcoat.

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Sunday ritual burnings: a fun activity for the whole family

Thought for the day: Is it possible to insert a pointed stick into the end of a sausage -without- smirking?

Today was a healthful day of relaxation and wholesome pursuits (translation - sleep till lunchtime and then go to the beach and blow things up).

Central to the activities was Sam's birthday present from Thomas.

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It burned for about 20 minutes and made an effective and interesting candle for the proceedings. Also, hairspray makes really cool explosions.

And the men were very evolved and let me light the fire. I felt just like Aragorn (only cleaner). Most enjoyable. There is definitely something about toasting marshmallows on pointy sticks while sitting around an open fire wiping your streaming eyes that finishes off a weekend really well.

And, since tomorrow's Monday, here's a work-related extreme sport.
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