May 23rd, 2004


Explodalations and celebrations

Due to circumstances beyond everyone's control, the last Attack of Pyromania at Makara had to be postponed.

Now, though, we have a new date put forward for consideration... Sunday the 30th (next Sunday), after we have all recovered from Saturday night's festivities. I have a car that can take four little passengers or three big ones, and I'm pretty sure we can find more wheels somewhere.

All in favour say Aye!

Ooo, and it's big! And black! And oh-so-vibratey! Mmm.. subwoofer.. mmm.

Edit: Had to post this: fun with cornstarch.
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This evening, after a trip to the Hutt for Fruits, and a session at Hangdogs in which I imitated a Grumpy Mole, almost got outclimbed by a 10-year-old, met a dude that I haven't seen for ages whose name I can't remember and shredded my hands to the point where holding anything hurts... I finally made it to Paradise Seafood which is out off the end of Adelaide Road towards Island Bay. Here are the results:

Price: $3.80
Fish: Above average, good size, slightly soggy batter
Chips: Stringy, a little soggy, not impressed
Comment: They cook their food in oil not fat, which isn't to my taste. Nothing particularly stunning about them really.
Rating: 6.5/10

In other news, I appear to be interfering with radios again, and putting people to sleep.. Hmm.

There's a show on TV where they are using sports cars to teach grannies how to do donuts. These old ducks could show most of the boyracers a thing or two..

And I think I've figured out why food tastes better eaten with chopsticks. It's because they force you to eat slowly.
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