May 22nd, 2004


Heaving bosoms, thrusting manhoods

Today was lunch with Captain Chemical at KC Cafe (Mee Goreng, yum), followed by coffee and Troy at the Embassy. We splashed out on the expensive seats which are so worth it.

Troy was cool. In the spirit of a true epic, there was passion, a cast of thousands, battles and lots of bare-chested men waving swords. Brad was looking very buff, and he, Orlando and Eric Bana (Hector) all got their shirts off. One of those 'suspend disbelief' movies, and the music was very 'Lord of the Rings' and contrived, but, I enjoyed it in the same way I enjoyed Last Samurai, but with a higher perv factor.

Now dinner, music and contemplating what to do tomorrow since it'll probably be a day for indoor stuff..


And, Family Guy quotes.
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