May 16th, 2004



"We generally have adopted established beliefs rather than formulating our own. Society, of course, encourages such conformist behaviour. We may be competitive or compassionate, radical or politically correct, sport climbers or trad climbers. These orientations too often derive from a deep unconscious attempt to align ourselves with people we admire or to get others to like or admire us. Though we may hold these beliefs close to our hearts, they do not come from our hearts. They come instead from that insidious mental monster called the Ego." ~ Arno Ilgner (find out for yourself)

This could explain people's emotional involvement in the (ridiculous) question of whether being an effective witch is superior/inferior to being good at martial arts... ;-)

Today I got off by myself and explored the bouldering delights of Mangaraho. It was good till I was narrowly missed by a large rock some dumb kid had pushed off from 60m up. After that it lost a little of its appeal. Nice day for it though.

And apparently, after family-oriented stuff and variations of their own name, famous people's names are the most common choices for passwords. The most popular? Homer Simpson.

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