May 10th, 2004


Good news

Two cool things happened yesterday. One was getting a Mothers Day card from my son that he made himself. As the non-custodial parent I often get forgotten by everybody, but not by him. It made my day.

The other is also about him. He's 8, and he's been asked if he wants to go into accelerated maths, where he would be learning at Form 1 level. Apparently he's blitzing his own class and causing trouble for the others who don't grasp stuff as quickly (sounds familiar), so instead of punishing him they're offering him a challenge. Cool. This kid's main topic of conversation on the phone is "ask me a maths question, Mum", and has been since he was four. Glad someone else noticed before he turned into one of those bright-but-misguided teenagers I deal with every day.

Someone buy that kid a computer!
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Today I had a conversation with a group of Assyrian people who were living in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, and have family and friends still living there. It was very interesting.

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I feel privileged to have been able to talk with these people and gain a little more insight into life in Iraq, from ordinary people just trying to live their lives.
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