May 9th, 2004


And just for something different...

I too enjoyed Kim's party. I got to be the only (over 18) person not completely clothed in black, stand around with numerous tall people in long black leather jackets, and meet people with names of British royalty, who previously have only been disembodied online entities.

It was nice to meet some managerial types with the same views on piercings as myself.

Not usually much of a partygoer, main reason being that at the average party there's usually only a couple of people that can conduct a conversation that doesn't bore me. At this party, however, nearly everyone was interesting to talk with. grist reckons it's because kimeros has such cool friends. *grin*

Today has been spent wrestling with html and collating the Fish And Chip Reviews. People say I should learn style sheets. Other People say I should have a solid grasp of html first. Me, I'm still at the stage where every time I do something and it works, I jump up and down, waving my arms and squealing with delight.

I'm told I'll get over it. Not sure I want to. And, I'm happy because yesterday I pulled the shoulder-wrenching, finger-stripping double-sloper move for the first time.

Yay for weekends of achievement, socializing and happiness.
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