May 6th, 2004


Google fun

Heard the other day that the most egotistical thing you can do these days is to google your own name. So I did. And it came up with some Russian woman advertising for a husband. I made the mistake of mentioning this to a friend, who thought it was really funny and threatened to do a livejournal post about it.

So, in the interests of retaining a little dignity, pre-empting said friend and out of pure curiosity, I googled everyone on my friends list. Here are the results:


Beatpig, strange scifi story.

Caycos, holiday destination.

Sorry, nothing for climbergrl..

Grist magazine.

The Hesperus sound.

The International Killifish Association.

Park Kimeros.

Lifeofreilly, funky Spiderman spinoff.

Morbid curious' bizarre magazine.

Notabouthim, the dead footballer.

Pombagira, guardian of sexual deviates.

Russiandolls extraordinaire.

Scabby knees. Is this guy accident prone or what?

Segrada - herbal laxatives.

Wee tim's Braveheart obsession.

Teehee.... ;-) and Nyah to you (you know who you are)
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