May 2nd, 2004


Hey cool..

Not only is May 1st Beltane, but this year it was also International J Day. Awesome!

For me, I was amused by the sight of grown men attempting to eat T-bone steaks the size of their heads (go the Green Parrot), and scintillated by good company at dinner (thanks grist, kimeros, beagl, notabouthim, kris and sheryl). I was also entranced by trance-ing at Phoenix and enhanced by Things That Shall Remain Nameless. And surprised by the number of shirtless guys, and the number of sleazy gropers that were out last night.

Attempting to eat breakfast after not-yet-having-been-to-bed was , er, interesting, in a freaky visuals and 'groan' joke kind of way.

Er. Yes. Anyway. Glowballs are fun. And I had a really good time. Somewhat disjointed still. Must sleep.

Oh, and what do you do when you're a snowboard freak in summer? This. (Click 'movies' and check out Movie 1 - the front loop)
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    Eddie Palmieri - Harlem River Drive