May 1st, 2004



It was books! Kokopu Dreams by Chris Baker, which I've wanted to read for ages. And Sleeping Dogs and Other Lies by Joe Bennett, a collection of columns. Yay!

Today is a day I used to dread, because it meant things like getting thrown in the nearest water trough. Luckily for me, there aren't many handy troughs in Wellington, and people seem to have stopped doing it. *rapt*

And cool stuff has been and is happening. Been looking back at the year (as you do) and thinking, wow, good stuff. Lots to be happy about:

Cool new friends and cool old ones.
Family. All three of them are awesome people.
Progress. Oh yes, so much progress. Been making omelettes and breaking lots of eggs this year.
Emotions. It's nice to finally have some, even if they do knock me sideways at times.
The light at the end of the 'computer literacy' tunnel.
V0 to V6 in one year.
Did I mention friends? This year more than ever..

And, dinner and dancing tonight. What more could a girl ask for? And it's cool being born on the day of an ancient fertility festival.

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