April 29th, 2004


My brain is fried

I shouldn't drink whiskey. I especially shouldn't drink whiskey when my mind is full of past hurts. The few hours of numbness is not worth the feeling of 'empty person' the next day. And I look gorgeous today. Oh yes. Yes I do.

The Parcel sits, taunting me. It's books, it just know it. yummy, delicious, tantalizing Books. Two days to go...
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    Faithless - One Step Too Far


Quote on the news from American soldier in Iraq:

"We've only been playing pattycake with them so far. We haven't even started to use our full arsenal, and the world will see when we do."

And man, that dude in the Oklahoma car chase may be a crim, but wow could he drive!

And and and.... The Story of Skeletor. Having seen that, this made me laugh. Check out how much he got for it.
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