April 26th, 2004


<""> <+"""@#>*(%$....

My head is full of angle brackets and ampersands and I'm slightly cross-eyed but all my pages link together (amazingly).

And I'm feeling very pleased with myself. All you dyed-in-the-wool ubergeeks can scoff if you want, it will detract not from my sense of achievement.

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My shoes came back! Like Lassie! Yay! My faith in mankind has been restored, just a little.

And the arrival of more Mysterious Parcels... only these ones are not for me *secretive smirk*

And, yes, I am going for the 'loudest icon' award. Yay for The Tablet. Who needs a boyfriend when you have The Tablet?

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    Nicholas Cage's beautiful sexy voice

Freaking idiot

They found the body of the missing tramper. Estimates say he has been dead since around 19 March. Today was the last scheduled day of the search.

If he had had a beacon, he may have survived, and the taxpayer would not have spent tens of thousands of dollars looking for him. Fucking idiot.