April 21st, 2004



Last night my climbing shoes and chalk bag disappeared. Now the altruistic optimistic part of me would like to think that someone has accidentally picked up the wrong stuff and that they'll be returned today or tomorrow.

But the realistic cynical part of me (and this one is winning at the moment) thinks that some bastard has pinched them and I'll never see them again. Why the fuck would anyone want my shoes? They a)are really really small and b)have been sweated in and are kinda icky. Also, they have been personalised, there is only one pair of these shoes in Wellington, so if anyone who knows me sees them on someone else there'll be a few 'issues'. The climbing community here is pretty small.

Grr. Man, talk about hitting where it hurts. OK, so some dick tried to steal my car. Big deal, it's just a car. But these are my -climbing shoes-. I can't climb without them. It took me three months of pain to break them in. And they were a gift from a special friend. And my chalk bag? OK, I could replace it, but I won it. These things mean a lot to me and some asshole has just waltzed in and taken them.

If I see someone else in my shoes I will not be held responsible for my behaviour. Mature, assertive, reasonable... pffft! I want to kill someone!
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Updated graffiti

Finally got around to updating the graffiti gallery. There are quite a few in there now.

And yes, Discount Beagle, you are one of them... although my favourite from this lot is the one from the guy in Vivian St who's obviously sick of people peeing on his door.

And, in 'Things You Thought/Hoped Would Never Happen' news... Hanson have released a new album.

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