April 14th, 2004


What is happening to me?

Today I bought cereal and vegies. This is abnormal behaviour. It appears I may be about to start eating properly, and I attribute this solely to the increasing demands of my sport, which it turns out I could be quite good at...

I bought muesli bars, tinned peaches, breakfast cereal (never eaten -breakfast- before), brown bread, crusty rolls for lunch (don't usually eat lunch either), cheese, mince, yoghurt, pistachio nuts (yum!), beans, tomatoes, pears, carrots, spinach, broccoli and bananas. These things, apparently, will make me a picture of good health and able to climb at least two grades better.

Damn, forgot peas! Anyway, all this stuff cost me just under fifty dollars and will probably feed me for more than a week, when you count the meals bought (chinese is pretty healthy - right?).

I will try it for four weeks and if I feel awesome and climb awesomer at the end of it, I'll keep doing it. Film at eleven.

Oh, and there have now been 12 mountain climbing deaths in NZ this season, with one more to come when they find the body of the guy who refused a radio. This is very sad, but I have to ask, should there be some kind of knowledge/safety prep test before people are allowed on our mountains?
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