April 13th, 2004


Ahhh, adrenaline!

Well, I sure gave those rocks a bashing. And they reciprocated in kind. I hurt. All over. But am feeling smug and self-satisfied knowing that I kick ass (and I don't mean the ungulate variety).

Aucklanders managed to reinforce my negative view of them in general by a) wearing ponchos, b)attempting to go through our stuff while we were sleeping (it's great snapping people out doing that), c)playing country music and d) ripping native plants to pieces unnecessarily. I know not -everyone- in Auckland is a dick, but a high proportion of them seem to travel, and a lot of the travelling ones seem to be obnoxious one way or another. Ack.

Easter traffic was pretty tolerable and I thought the Jaycees and Police combining forces to give away coffee and encourage people to stop for a rest was kinda cool, although having their setup at Levin meant my thoughts were more with home and bath than with stopping anywhere. If they'd been at Taihape or Hunterville, maybe....

And WOW! An amazing fish and chip shop in Turangi. Called Grand Central Fry, located on the same street as the climbing wall (big tall building with 'Climbing Wall' written on it) but closer to the lake. They have Hapuka! And it's fresh! And juicy! And big! This place is slightly more expensive but oh-so worth it. I mean, make-a-special-stop-there-just-for-this worth it.. you will not regret it.

Oh, and this: Still with the trebuchet thing, mixed with an adrenaline junkie's wet dream. Another one of those 'You first' activities..
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