March 25th, 2004


Ok kiddies, today's class will be....

Kickboxing. Lots of running around to warm up, then pressups (none of these namby-pamby girl ones either). Then grab some gloves... found out it's not a good idea to have a conversation while holding the pad for someone to roundhouse-kick *oof*. And I learned about what happens when you shut your eyes and miss the punching bag completely. It hurts.

I also discovered I have a killer right and punch like a girl with my left. And the tutor discovered that leaving yourself open when sparring is a bad idea, even if your pupil is a raw beginner... next week I get to spar with students *evil grin*.

And today's Word o' the Day is:

n. Slang
A job, usually in the retail or service sector, that is low paying, often temporary, and offers minimal or no benefits or opportunity for promotion.

I kid you not - it's in

And these are cool.

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